Vision Statement

This vision statement represents Milan’s view of the next 20 years.  Many aspects of this vision statement already exist in Milan and articulating them in the vision statement helps our community realize what we value and want to keep in our community as well as achieve new goals.  From the 2002 Milan Comprehensive Plan.

Vision for our community: MILAN 2020.


·        Milan has maintained its rural, small town atmosphere and provides an exceptional quality of life.  Respect for our tradition and heritage is the source of our pride but we are excited about our future.

·        This diverse and progressive community is committed to planning and community involvement in directing the future to meet the needs of its residents as well as addressing issues of local importance.  Public involvement is high.  The City has coordinated public relations and organized volunteers.  Population has grown and consists of people who care about Milan as a small rural community and do not want to change that.  This caring and healthy community is diverse in ages and backgrounds.  Young leaders are able to stay and thrive in our quiet and peaceful community.

·        Milan is a friendly community; one where people know and respect each other.  Milan provides a clean and safe environment for its citizens.  Milan is proud of the schools, churches, parks and community and cultural events. 


·        Milan progresses as a community by welcoming new enterprises and economic growth that enhance the small rural atmosphere rather than detract from it.  Milan has built on the community’s strengths and unique qualities and avoided complacency by promoting creativity, leadership and clever problem solving.

·        Milan has an attractive and strong central business district - one that meets shopping needs and respects the viability of small, locally-owned businesses.  There is a City website that has a directory of all businesses and services.

·        Milan has become a center for niche markets and innovative venues.  Its diverse economy is sustainable as it supports agriculture, both large farms and small, as well as new businesses.  These businesses are not factory jobs and provide the community with living wage jobs.  Milan is home to productive family farms as well as other creative family businesses.  This sustains a labor resource base of hardworking and talented people.


·        Milan has stronger water pressure, a long awaited luxury.

·        Milan has invested in technology in order to support the new, creative ventures in town and it has paid off with a stable, attractive economy.

·        Milan's buildings and streets have been built for both utility and aesthetics, and the center of our small town is a pedestrian-friendly main street.

·        Milan's community services and facilities maintain their functionality, address the needs of our diverse population, and adapt and change as the community grows.  Services include programs that promote a neighborly atmosphere that reflects the concerns of individuals and families in our community.  Facilities and services for the elderly include assisted living and access to health care.

·        Milan is a wonderful place for someone raising a family, for the retired person and for the young entrepreneurs. Citizens value the small town education and continue to provide high quality school and library for their children and community. 

·        Public transportation is a priority for the City.  The City has remained active in regional transportation planning and works to provide public transportation in a cost-efficient manner that enables people to connect to the Twin Cities and other destinations.

·        Ample housing is available to meet the needs of different economic groups and the desires and requirements of residents across the life span.  We have well maintained, affordable housing.  With the stronger population and economy, the value of the housing has increased.


·        Milan is a rural town with countryside that offers a more peaceful and less congested living environment. It has healthy and prosperous agriculture and offers open and green space, beautiful parks, natural areas, scenic landscapes and recreational opportunities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, etc. The air is clear, the water is pure and the natural areas are protected. To sustain growth and quality of life, every public and private action is strictly judged by its impact on the natural and manmade environment and on the overall quality of life.

·        Outdoor recreation has been developed and there are trails, camping, and informational kiosks for visitors.

·        There are places to socialize and gather for people of all ages.  This includes the café and community center.  The community center has many of the services the citizens requested and provides opportunities for the youth of the community.

·        There are many events that take place in Milan which provide the community with cultural interaction.

·        The museum in Milan is the center for tourism and history.

·        The Art School has become a thriving place for the arts in the Region and State.

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