New Residents

Welcome to the City of Milan! 

As a new resident of Milan, this information is being provided to help you be aware of and access Milan’s facilities and services.  Water, sewer, and garbage services require a deposit.  To begin service, please contact the City Clerk, at City Hall, phone number 320-734-4411.  Federated Telephone at 1-800-374-7133 provides phone service to Milan as well as  internet services and cable TV.  MVTV provides Internet at 320-564-4807.  Otter Tail Power at 1-800-862-9123 is the electrical supplier.  

The Milan City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Meetings are open to the public.

Milan’s utilities –water, sewer, and garbage is billed monthly and due upon receipt, a deposit is required to commence service.  Garbage service is mandatory and charges depend on the size of container used.   Late fees are applied to overdue bills and service may be terminated.

Pets: Dogs are limited to 3 per household, need to be licensed at City Hall, kept under control at all times, and feces be properly disposed of when deposited on other residents property or public property.  Dogs found running loose, will be impounded, fees charged, and destroyed if animal isn’t claimed.  Barking dogs are discouraged.  If a persistent problem arises, a citizen should call the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department, sign a complaint and legal action will be taken.

Feral (wild, homeless) cats are also discouraged.  Regular feeding only increases the population, requiring drastic action by the City.  A complete ordinance and explanation is available at City Hall during business hours.

Abandoned cars, junk, and messy yards are not tolerated.  Please have consideration of and for your neighbors and fellow Milan residents.  

Let’s all work together to keep Milan beautiful!  Enjoy your property and allow others the ability to enjoy theirs.

Any questions call City Hall at 320-734-4411.