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Arv Hus store front
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Display in Arv Hus
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Museum tour with Billy Thompson
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Children looking at display.

(16a) Arv Hus Museum

The Arv Hus Museum is located in downtown Milan.  In the museum is the wonderful gift shop called billy maple tree's.  Click here for more information about billy maple tree's.

The Arv Hus has a vast collection of antiques, photos and stories.  It is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Come to the Arv Hus Museum to see an amazing and unique collection of vintage photographs and other pioneer items from the culturally rich Milan area.

The Arv Hus Museum contains unique exhibits from privately-owned sources and items donated to the Milan Arv Hus organization.  Owner and curator, Billy Thompson has his sawdust artwork on display as well as some beautiful hand-crafted wood frames showcasing the beautiful wood available locally.

Spend an afternoon at the Arv Hus Museum.  Historian and curator Billy Thompson has stories to tell that will keep you laughing all day!

Hours of the Museum are by appointment, chance or when the gift shop billy maple tree's is open.  If museum is closed, ask around town for Billy Thompson - he is usually not too far away.


PO Box 140 MilanMN  56262


320-734-4868 or 320-734-8429